I Never Thought I'd Say This, But "Family Guy" Just Made A PSA Video About COVID Vaccines And Honestly, I Learned So Much

    These are just facts.

    Family Guy has joined in on the COVID-19 vaccine PSAs, and you need to see it.

    Yesterday, the show released their own educational take on why you and everyone you know should get vaxxed, and it didn't take long for the clip to go viral.

    TBH, I was not expecting this — and not expecting to learn as much as I did from the clip. In it, Stewie schools Brian on vaxx facts and explains why getting the shot is so important while the two travel through the inside of Peter Griffin's body.

    Watch the new #FamilyGuy Short! Stewie and Brian travel inside Peter’s body to explain how vaccines work. Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines? Visit https://t.co/Yz9vi7AYYD for the most accurate and timely facts so we can all get back to the moments we love and miss most.

    @FamilyGuyonFOX / Via Twitter: @FamilyGuyonFOX

    "Vaccines protect us from illnesses by activating our immune response without the danger of actual infection, thereby training the body to fight off the real thing," Stewie says.

    "The vaccine stimulates your immune system to make antibodies against the virus, mimicking what happens when you get COVID, except that you don't get sick with the vaccine," he continues, before segueing into a review of how the shots make this happen.

    "Some of the COVID vaccines work by exposing your immune system to proteins, which resemble the spike protein of the virus but cannot infect you," the character explains.

    Meanwhile: "mRNA vaccines [like Pfizer and Moderna] actually use the genetic code of the virus to create a pretend version of the spike protein...when the real virus tries to attack your body, these pre-made circulating immune proteins are already available coded to recognize the virus and at the ready to fight back."

    The PSA also addresses common concerns about the vaccine, including how the side effects typically manifest and whether getting one is really necessary if most other people do. (Spoiler: Yes, it's absolutely necessary.)

    "If the virus is allowed to spread through an unvaccinated population, it could mutate into a variant that the vaccines might not protect against," he warns. "And then we're right back where we started."

    Check out the full PSA video here.

    As the delta variant continues to circulate worldwide, getting vaccinated is the most effective way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Head to the CDC's website for information about vaccines, updated face mask recommendations, and best practices for staying safe in crowds or indoor settings.