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    Emily Ratajkowski Said Deciding To Include The Robin Thicke Accusations In Her New Book Represents An "Evolution Of [Her] Beliefs And Politics"

    "I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons."

    A month before Emily Ratajkowski's debut book was due for release, an excerpt — leaked without her consent — detailed the new author's experience filming Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video in 2013.

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    In the leaked excerpt, which was first published by The Sunday Times, Emily wrote about an alleged incident where Robin returned drunk to the "Blurred Lines" set and groped her "out of nowhere."

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    Emily's upcoming book, titled My Body, is composed of essays that recall moments in her life while exploring the commodification of women's bodies and women's sexuality.

    The passage appears in a wider chapter of My Body called "Blurred Lines."

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    As My Body is now available to preorder, Emily hosted a Q&A on Instagram yesterday that addressed her followers early inquiries about the book.

    Responding to one person's question, asking why she chose to name a chapter after Robin's song, she explained that the title and its content represent an "evolution of [her] beliefs and politics."

    "I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons," Emily explained. "But ultimately I decided to include it in the book because my experience on the BL set and how I talked about it says so much about the evolution of my beliefs and politics."

    "Most of my jobs at that point kinda sucked — I was either shooting e-commerce for online stores where I felt like nothing more than a mannequin or I'd be in lingerie while some middle-aged male photographers told me pout," she said, adding, "BL was different."

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    "I was surrounded by women I liked and trusted," Emily continued. "I had fun on set, being a sexy girl in a music video made me feel hot and cool and powerful. I told the world that the experience was empowering. In many ways it was."

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    "You'll have to read the essay to fully understand the other sides to my experience."

    You can preorder My Body here ahead of its Nov. 9 release.

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