Comedians And Late Night Hosts Haven't Eased Up On Aaron Rodgers After His COVID Vaccine Misinformation Spree

    "I was talking to my Dr. Aaron Rodgers..."

    Aaron Rodgers is facing considerable backlash this month, not least of all from comedians and late night television hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Pete Davidson, and Stephen Colbert.

    Aaron at a red carpet event in a suit

    The Green Bay Packers quarterback, who's engaged to actor Shailene Woodley, became the subject of widespread criticism after testing positive for COVID-19 last week and subsequently defending his unvaccinated status with a myriad of false statements.

    Aaron throwing a football during a game

    Jon Stewart was the latest voice to take aim at Aaron in a public forum. While performing a stand-up routine at the 15th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event, he said, "There is good news on the pandemic. I was talking to my Dr. Aaron…Rodgers, and it looks good. It's almost over."

    Jon's roast is just one example. On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host addressed comparisons between Aaron and Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets player who's been benched this season because his refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19 violates New York's health guidelines.

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    "That's not fair," said Jimmy. "Kyrie Irving is wrong, but at least he's honest. Aaron Rodgers let everyone around him think he was vaccinated when he wasn't. He's not Kyrie Irving. He's Bernie Madoff."

    Jimmy initially roasted Aaron during an earlier show last week, in a segment where he called him "a Karen" and suggested that giving people the impression that you're vaccinated when you aren't is "basically the COVID equivalent of 'the condom fell off.'"

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon included some digs involving Aaron several days ago, referencing the White House's January deadline for employees to get their vaccines.

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via

    "It's great timing. Make sure everyone is vaccinated right after the holidays," Jimmy said, before adding: "Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for COVID, and it turns out he may have lied about being vaccinated."

    The Aaron situation came up on Late Night with Seth Meyers as well.

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    Late Night With Seth Meyers / Via

    "Despite telling reporters earlier this year that he'd been 'immunized,' Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly received a homeopathic treatment from his personal doctor to raise his antibody levels instead of getting the coronavirus vaccine," said Seth. "Dude, that's an immunization the same way this is a ponytail. It's not."

    Meanwhile, from Stephen Colbert on The Late Show: "My Goop senses are tingling. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing it's a lot easier to just play football with a shot in your arm then a jade egg stuck where the sun don't shine. Then again, they are called the Packers."

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    And lest we forget Pete Davidson's impersonation on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live. "It's my body and my COVID, and I can give it to whoever I want," said the comedian, before going on to reference some of Aaron's false comments about the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Pete as Aaron sitting on a couch wearing a beanie and a t shirt

    Even as national and global vaccination numbers rise, COVID-19 continues to pose an ongoing public health threat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains that getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and others from the disease. Head to the CDC's website for more information about COVID-19 vaccines and where to get one in your state.