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    Cardi B Posted A Video Of Herself Twerking While Pregnant With Her Second Child, And It Was Iconic

    Obviously, she looked amazing!

    Cardi B is pregnant with her second child, but that hasn't stopped the Grammy-winning rapper from doing her thing — in life, on stage, or on social media.

    Cardi B performs at the Grammy Awards in 2021

    The artist known for like "WAP" and "Up," quotable comments, and enviable dance moves showcased the latter skill in a video that appeared on her Instagram Story last night.

    Recorded from behind, the short clip captured Cardi twerking in a shimmery gold bathing suit to Kathy Maravilha's "Sadomasoquista."

    Arguably even more impressive than Cardi's moves is the fact that she's pregnant and still has energy to do this.

    @iamcardib CARDI how u pregnant doing all this😭

    @isuku_anita / Via Twitter: @isuku_anita

    Cardi announced that she and Offset are expecting another baby on Instagram at the end of June. The reveal came right before she and the Migos rapper performed at this year's BET Awards.

    Still not over this moment @iamcardib @Migos! 😍🥰#BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight

    @BET / Via Twitter: @BET

    "#2! ♥️," Cardi captioned the post, which featured the first of several pregnancy photos that would eventually surface on her feed throughout the following week. She and Offset welcomed their daughter, Kulture, in 2018.

    Everyone familiar with Cardi knows that one of the rapper's best qualities is her ability to be true to herself under any set of circumstances, and becoming a mom didn't change that.

    Cardi B and Offset perform onstage at the BET Awards

    We've seen the star balance sensuality and motherhood like a pro. Last January, Cardi seamlessly transitioned into parent mode when Kulture interrupted her dancing to "WAP" on Instagram Live.

    So, yes, Cardi can literally do it all, in case anyone needs a reminder.