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    Cardi B Recorded A Video Demonstrating How She Changes Her Baby's Diaper With Very Long Nails, And Even Those Of Us Without Kids Can Appreciate This

    "You always want to make sure you clean the butt cheeks!"

    Cardi B's aesthetic — right down to the manicured nails — is always on point. Her ability to perform a diaper change is evidently also top-notch, which is no small feat given the nails thing.

    close up of Cardi

    When she isn't making music, Cardi is parenting 3-year-old Kulture and 8-month-old Wave, whom the artist shares with her husband Offset.

    Cardi's acrylics have stood the test of time. As she revealed in a hilarious — and very informative! — tutorial video on Twitter, the "Up" singer doesn't allow childcare to hamper her style.

    The video, which sees Cardi demonstrating a diaper change using a stuffed animal, came in response to a question from Kash Doll. "How the hell u change Wav diaper with the nails? Lol I got on press ons struggling," wrote the artist, who welcomed her first child earlier this year.

    "Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video," Cardi wrote back. "Trust me you will get the hang of it!" She did note, however, that "boys are harder to clean" because "they got more crevices."

    Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video 🤣😂😂Trust me you will get the hang of it! However I do feel like boys are harder to clean,they got more crevices.

    @iamcardib / @kashdoll / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

    In the video, Cardi proceeded to narrate her step-by-step approach to diaper-changing while wearing pointed red nails that are quite long. "You always want to make sure you clean the butt cheeks," she emphasized.

    close up of Cardi's hands putting on a diaper on a teddy bear

    Kulture makes a cameo in her mom's how-to demonstration, looking understandably skeptical and then rather amused. "Mommy...why are you cleaning the butt?" she asked, to which Cardi replied, "It's a long story."

    "This is the part I hate the most — clipping it," Cardi explained, as she re-fastened the teddy bear's onesie just minutes after the tutorial began.

    "I don't know if it's because I have two kids, so I could probably do it a little faster," she said. "Maybe because I've been wearing nails this long since I was 19."

    I am neither a parent nor a person able to rock long nails, but I still learned a lot from Cardi's video. Feel free to share your thoughts below.