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    32 Signs You Are A Potterhead And Always Will Be

    If you don't like Harry Potter (or share an intense passion about it) we probably can't be friends.

    1. You identify this woman as your hero, idol, and saint

    2. You waited for your Hogwarts letter when you turned 11 and are probably still waiting

    3. The anticipation of every new book was almost too much for you

    4. You also dressed up for every midnight movie premiere

    5. You can't read the phrase "bloody hell" without hearing Ron's voice or thinking about him

    6. This actually melts your heart

    7. So does this

    8. You know which house you're in (via Pottermore, the one truly accurate sorting quiz and closest thing you can get to a Sorting Hat)

    9. You know the difference between the old and new Dumbledore and miss the old one

    10. You miss the old J.K. Rowling website and know the new one just isn't the same

    11. You got SUPER excited when you heard about the website release of Pottermore

    12. You will never be the same after Dobby's death

    13. You've had many Harry Potter watch parties in preparation for the newest movie (with appropriately themed food as well)

    14. You took all the character's deaths very personally

    15. You've read the books over and over again so many times you've lost count

    16. If anyone ever talks badly about Harry Potter, you come to its defense like a personal attack on you

    17. And if anyone dares approach you with the whole Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate, you just laugh at them and mentally prepare for victory

    18. Even Robert Pattinson hated Twilight

    19. You watched the documentary "When Harry Left Hogwarts" and cried through the whole thing

    20. You own "Page to Screen" and think it is one of the most magical things ever

    21. You've been to Harry Potter world and felt like a kid at Disney World

    22. And trying Butterbeer made you inexplicably happy

    23. And now that Diagon Alley is opening, you know it's time to go back

    24. You're still waiting for your all-expense-paid trip to London so you can do this

    25. And go here

    26. And even though you sometimes feel weird about how obsessive you are about the series, you take comfort in knowing there are others out there just like you

    27. You felt so many emotions when you read Jo's final dedication

    28. This symbolized the end and it was brutal to your personal state of mind

    29. Now that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is coming out, you're already very ready for the premiere and don't know how you're going to handle it after such a long Harry Potter break

    30. Harry Potter really was your childhood

    31. But just because your childhood is over, you know it's all going to be okay because it will always be there for you

    32. Always