10 Kool Kaptions “Bound 2” Be In Kim Kardashian West’s Selfie Book, “Selfish”

Kim Kardashian West has announced plans to publish a 352-page book of selfies titled “Selfish.” Kool — Kardashian kool — kaptions are “Bound 2” supplement each snapshot. Here are ten that I hope to see (in no particular order).

1. Me-ow ow! There’s a transparent band-aid on my chest.

2. Close to #DisneyInspired; Open to Being on *Dees-Knees* Princess

3. Moby-Dick follows me, bitches, ‘cause I’m the great white whale.

4. Horizon / Whore, EYES ON ME!

5. Baby, the bathroom mirror is (our) eyrie.

6. Manicure / Man, I cure the world by just being.

7. My #FBF’s so bright, it burns.

8. Just a liter sip from my crush, as always. XOXO

9. You want to work out, butt I’m reflecting.

10. I literally bleed for front-facing cameras.

Do you have a great #SelfieKaption? Post it in the comments!

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