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The Breakup Song List

When Ben and Jerry aren't enough, Adele is here for you.

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Breakups. They're never fun. But for the person that was never doing the breaking, it's an especially hard time.

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Difficult as breakups are, there is always a cure those breakup blues: a solid breakup playlist.

If you're looking for a distraction from the pain of losing someone, or an outlet for your emotions, there is no better medicine than an emotional jam session.

From melancholy to "I've moved on, bitch." This playlist has everything you need to forget about your ex and start feeling like yourself again.

Soft songs make up most of the start, followed by some bangers at the end for when it's time to move on. One must go through the crying and deleting of old photos stages before they're ready to really give their ex the boot. And when you are, these songs are here for you.

The Wild Reeds - Everything Looks Better in Hindsight

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Filled with soft folk, indie and americana vibes. The real kicker: the lyrics. Be sure to pay attention.

Your Friend - Tame One

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Very dreamy, with strong guitar and good bass.

Nick Mulvey - I Don't Want To Go Home

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Happy, simple and folky. It's a "pick me up" song that's not in your face. With soft, acoustic string plucking and Mulvey's strong voice, it's all you need to zone out.

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No words needed. Adele is here for you.

Tom Odell - Long Way Down

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Tom's silky voice and beautiful piano perfectly recreate the precious and tender feelings of heartbreak.

Vance Joy - We All Die Trying To Get It Right

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Riptide isn't the only master piece up Vance's sleeve.

Bon Iver - Roslyn

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Play this song in the early hours of the morning. When you wake up and can't fall asleep. When you're out late driving at night under a blanket of stars. When you need to turn off your brain for a few minutes.

Khalid - Location

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No, not DJ Khalid.

Lykke Li - Possibility

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Eerie vibes with steady, heavy piano. Perfect for those darker days.

The Head And The Heart - Rivers And Roads

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Some classic indie folk that will never not be good.

OKAY. Now that we've blown through every Kleenex, let's get ready to move on to bigger and better things.


Cage The Elephant - Punchin' Bag

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"And she won't put up with another brood who only wants to bruise her

Take her love and then abuse her"


Lily Allen - Fuck You

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It's the most upbeat way to tell your ex to shove it.

Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight

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Solid rock song with a hint of blues. No more fighting, just good music.

Sia- Elastic Heart

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We know that you know all the words. Belt them out.

Florence And The Machine - Ship To Wreck

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Great lyrics with strong beat to keep you bumpin'

Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows

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Sometimes you just need a bitchin' rock song to get the anger out.

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

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