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This Galaxy Chocolate Bark Will Take You To Outer Space

So just make it already.

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It's in a galaxy of its own kind.

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Chocolate Galaxy Bark


4 bags of dark chocolate

2 bags of white chocolate

Blue food gel

Purple food gel

Star sprinkles


In one large bowl, melt the dark chocolate. Keep warm and set aside.

In two bowls, melt the white chocolate, one bag per bowl. Add blue food gel to one bowl and purple food gel to another until you get the desired color. Keep warm and set aside while you prepare your baking sheet.

Line the baking sheet, pour the dark chocolate, use a spatula to spread out to desired thickness. Pour the blue dyed chocolate over the dark chocolate, then the purple dyed chocolate. Use a knife or skewer and swirl the chocolate around until you get the desired look. Sprinkle with star sprinkles. Set chocolate for at least two hours. Break apart and enjoy!

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