Why Andrew Garfield Should Have The Happiest Birthday Ever

Today is this beautiful man’s birthday. Let’s celebrate with a plethora of him.

1. I honestly don’t think it’s possible that you could get any better than your 29-year-old self??

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

2. It’s absolutely certain you’ll age better than George Clooney.

3. Not to mention, you’ll be way more adorable.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

4. I mean, are you even aware of how good you look?


5. Your beauty is distracting — even strangers want to touch your magnificent face.

Raymond Hall / WireImage / Getty Images

6. There’s just something about you, that accent. The hair, maybe?

7. How does one celebrate the birthday of a perfect man?

8. We can dance the night away, shall we?


10. Feel free to do your thing, whatever this may be.


11. Does that sound fabulous!?

13. Oh, stop it. I couldn’t possibly.


14. Oh, OK, wow. You meant cake, didn’t you. You were talking about cake.


16. Right, because it’s your birthday. I forgot for a second.


17. Another year has passed, Andrew. I hope all of your wishes and my wishes come true.


18. May your birthday be filled with lots of very lovely things…


20. Happy birthday to you, Andrew Garfield, you sexy beast!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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