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What Does This Super-Intense Lady Gaga Mask Look Like To You?

No pore will go unaccounted for.

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I feel like this looks familiar. Does this remind you of anything?

Ladygaga /

This inquisitive version of the Invisible Man, maybe?

Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock

Perhaps this dog who is eager for Halloween this year?

Annette Shaff / Shutterstock

Maybe an almost empty toilet paper roll?

Winbjörk / Shutterstock

Or this mummy stuck in a cardboard box?

pzAxe / Shutterstock

Or a fashion-forward Santa Claus?

Sergey Peterman / Shutterstock

Wait, no, a face made out of shredded paper.

Marie Hickman / Getty Images

What do you think she looks like? Add your own!

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