Tom Cruise And John Travolta Gather At The Opening Of Florida Scientology House

This new building is the tallest in Clearwater, Fla.

1. Around 6,000 people joined them to honor their new $145 million cathedral. It only took 15 years to build.

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times/ZUMAPRESS.com

2. Here they are! Two massive movie stars sitting next to one another celebrating this place they created.

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times/ZUMAPRESS.com

John’s hair is looking uber-dense lately.

3. It’s made quite a name for itself now that it’s become the tallest building in Clearwater, Fla.

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times/ZUMAPRESS.com

4. It’s complete with a podium that has four mountains on it.

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times/ZUMAPRESS.com

5. Behold, the fifth floor… where the Super Power program allegedly takes place. (Supposedly this program can revive the dead?)

(Unsure if this arrow is pointing to the correct floor.)

6. Is that an exercise track on the sixth floor? Are Scientologists encouraged to run until they’re enlightened? Or pass out? Not sure, really.

Is this even the sixth floor? No clue.

7. What do you guys think? Fab or drab?

James Borchuck/Tampa Bay Times / ZUMAPRESS.com

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