This Clip Of Jason Sudeikis Trying To Make Other “SNL” Cast Members Laugh Is Hilarious

The supercut of Jason jumping on a desk for the sketch “Scared Straight” is absurd.

1. First of all, his character is supposed to casually lean against the desk. So NATURALLY, he changes it to a light hop and scoot.

2. And because that’s not dramatic enough, it then becomes a solid bounce.

3. Then just a full-blown jump onto straight steel.

4. He literally might’ve of just squished his balls during this take.

5. And this one is so loud that he actually starts to laugh.

6. And so does everyone else.


7. Finally, he ends with this and everyone loses it.


Good stuff.

8. Watch the whole video here!

Late Night with Seth Meyers / youtube.com

The clip starts at 5:25.

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