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    These GIFs Of Vin Diesel Breakdancing As A Teenager Are Golden

    Everyone needs to be reminded of this spectacular moment. And 5, 6, 7, 8!

    It starts with this simple kick (he's on the right).

    That transitions quickly to a wiener pat.

    Then goes straight into a stand and roll.

    Which prepares him for a body slide.

    That helps him do this chin punch thing.

    That turns into a smooth side step.

    Which leads to some sort of fish stomp.

    Which goes directly into an egyptian march.

    Which moves into another egyptian march.

    That starts this touchy shoulder shuffle.

    Which creates this necessary hand ripple.

    That launches this intense seismic squat.

    Which rolls into a mild worm.

    Then FINALLY finishes with this inverse flop.

    That was intense, you guys.

    Watch the whole magnificent production here!

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