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    The Hair Evolution Of Nicole Richie

    Lots and lots of bangs ahead.

    1. She started her fame with this crazy 'do.

    2. Then got spontaneous and added some pink and yellow streaks.

    3. After that, she went for classic golden curls.

    4. Then a short, curly bob.

    5. Next, a shorter, wavy bob.

    6. Following, was the boho 'do with longer bangs.

    7. Later, it was dark brown and side-swept with lots of layers.

    8. Eventually came her signature blonde bob.

    9. After that, long extensions were added.

    10. Then a honey-colored middle part.

    11. And a honey-colored middle part with bangs.

    12. Afterward, she changed it up with some darker low lights.

    13. Next, it was light brown with highlights.

    14. Then she went dark brown again, with straight across bangs.

    15. From there it went back to no bangs.

    16. Shortly after, it became a bronzish color.

    17. After that, a mixture of blond colors.

    18. Next, back to long and wavy.

    19. Afterward, it was shorter, blonder, and bang-ier.

    20. Following, came the tawny color with shorter bangs.

    21. Which led to an amber color with less bangs.

    22. Back to the middle part.

    23. Then it was short and slicked.

    24. Eventually, it was chocolate brown and one length.

    25. Later, cropped with bangs.

    26. After, was the ombre and asymmetrical bob.

    27. Finally, extensions!