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The Encyclopedia Of Jim Carrey's Best Faces

A face for any and all situations.

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1. The "Australian Gentleman"

When to use: If you've just met your first Australian person or want to impress any Australian person ever, use this face and that accent. Can also be used to sound worldy in front of well-traveled folk at bars or parties.


7. The "Hold Up, Wait a Minute"

When to use: If you've just given the wrong answer in front of a large group of people or realized the question was actually rhetorical, you're definitely making this face right now. Just let the heavy weight of your shame sink in. Could also be used if you've accidentally crossed the line of insults in an argument.


8. The "Hmmm, Tough Stuff"

When to use: If you've recently been presented with two or more equally fantastic options for the weekend, you can make this face whilst deciding between them. Snack options applicable here as well.

10. The "I'll Be Here All Night or at Least Till 9:30"

When to use: If you're incredibly late to a wild party and you want to blend in upon arrival, this should be your first choice. Party goers will be so overwhelmed by the amount of energy your body's giving off, they'll have no choice but to excuse your tardiness.

11. The "I'll Take What I Can Get"

When to use: If one of your good friends cooks you a nice meal and it tastes terrible (like borderline glued-to-the-toilet, food-poisoning terrible) use this face to confuse them into thinking you still have an appetite.


15. The "It's My Low Blood Sugar Speaking, Not Me"

When to use: If you've been waiting on a friend or family member for more than 9 minutes in any situation, you've got the right to express yourself in this specific way.


16. The "It's Smau-g Not Smog"

When to use: If you've just pronounced "Nepal" as "nipple" or "subtle" as "sub-tle" while reading aloud in front of any number of people, chances are you'll make this face as soon as you've finished.

19. The "Lavish Lady"

When to use: If you've witnessed someone or something that's particularly fancy or you're trying to do an impression of a particularly fancy person, this will never fail. Can also be used if said fancy person is a showboatin' motherfucker.


20. The "Let's Dwell in this Moment, Shall We?"

When to use: If you're ordering at Starbucks and the barista remembers your name, someone gives you the tiniest semblance of a compliment or you see an old man wearing a bucket hat, you'll do this.

22. The "Me Happy"

When to use: If someone who normally gives you shit presents finally hits the jackpot, don't hold back. Can also be used to show appreciation for any and all dessert foods that may arrive at or around your table.


24. The "Momma Likes What Momma Sees"

When to use: If your pheromones are exceptionally fragrant one evening, you've just turned in your thesis project or you're standing in front of a buffet, please use this face.


29. The "Oh, This Old Thing?"

When to use: If a co-worker notices you got a trim or you've lost more than 3 pounds of something other than water weight, show off this dazzling look. Also used if your date messages you directly after you leave that fine steak dinner.

30. The "Ribbon Winner"

When to use: If you've suddenly come up with the best fucking idea you've ever had in your entire life, try this out for size. Would also be fine used consistently with lots of smaller, mediocre ideas to trick people into thinking you're one clever bat.


32. The "Sad Face Guy :-("

When to use: If a friend or total stranger pours their heart out and you're unsure of how to react, you could try this? Also appropriate in introductory meetings with babies or three-legged animals.

33. The "Say Yes to a Dress and Other Nice Things"

When to use: If you're wearing pointy boots or you've been single for an awkwardly long period of time and someone, anyone, hits on you, you're probably excited do this.


36. The "Slow-Mo"

When to use: If it's announced that "the kids eat first" at the family cookout or your Dad asks you to to pick up sticks in the yard for an extra buck, then fails to pay you, this face is acceptable.

37. The "Sorry, What's That Now?"

When to use: If you find a Groupon deal with a sizable discount, you've won an office award you weren't aware you were nominated for, or someone you can't hear has repeated themselves for the third time, do this thing.

39. The "That Was Nice What You Did There"

When to use: If your significant other makes a terrible joke that's so bad you're embarrassed for them, distract them with an overly aggressive embrace. Don't let go. They'll be too terrified to try again in the future.


44. The "Two Can Play This Game"

When to use: If the sound of someone's voice drives you into a state of craze and total darkness, this expression is your best bet. You can also use it around people who chew really loudly.

46. The "What? What Are You Saying?"

When to use: If you stumble upon someone who is speaking another language, this face can help communicate your confusion. Also fine to use if you're sitting next to a loud whisperer and you no longer feel comfortable partaking in that very short-lived conversation.

47. The "Who Goes There?"

When to use: If you've heard an unidentifiable noise or a blood-curdling scream and you're in your house alone at night, this face will definitely not make you feel any better. But it's all you've got right now.


51. Finally, "The You Think You're Reallllll Smart, Don't Ya?"

When to use: If you feel like a mocking anything, just in general. A person, place, thing, animal, business establishment, you name it, go for it. Do this face and do it well.