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The 28 Most Entertaining Celebrity Dancers On "The Ellen Show"

Would love to see a Mike Myers/Emma stone dance-off.

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1. Tom Hanks

It's like Dad moves, but smoother.

2. Halle Berry

The key here is to keep your knees at a 120° angle at all times.

3. John Krasinski

Adding lunges to any dance routine will only make you seem more professional.

4. Jennifer Lopez

The larger the pant leg, the sassier the dance move.

5. Emma Stone

Keep in mind, intense hip gyrations will attract only the best kind of folk.

6. Matt Lauer

If you find yourself in a retirement home and it's dance night, follow Matt's lead.

7. Hilary Swank

No inanimate object should be off-limits whilst body moving.

8. Justin Timberlake

Everything looks better when wearing a suit made out of foam.

9. Ellie Kemper

Don't forget to add your own spice to the classics.

10. Terry Crews

If you don't normally wear velvet while breaking it down, now's the time. Great sweat container.

11. Emily Blunt

When in doubt, walk enthusiastically and kick air.

12. Justin Bieber

It's all about the bangs and the chains, y'all.

13. Mike Myers

Always maintain eye contact when dancing in slow-motion.

14. Kate McKinnon

If you're gonna steal someone's dance moves, you best go big or go home.

15. Andrew Garfield

Keep in mind, every style of dance is uni-sex.

16. Jaden Smith

Some dancing is better than others.

17. Jessica Biel

Hop to the side, hop to the side.

18. John Mayer

"In youth, we learn. In age, we dance." I think someone said that one time.

19. Usher

He looks like he's dancing on cool whip. #perfect

20. Rebel Wilson

Take advantage of your lengthy limbs.

21. Jack Black

People like to forget about the jumps, but they add sophistication to any routine.

22. Will Smith

Keep it small. Now make it bigger.

23. John Travolta

Never underestimate the power of a man's hips.

24. Vanessa Hudgens

If it ain't broke, then just repeat it on both sides.

25. Bruno Mars

Freeze on the floor? Just exercise.

26. Beth Behrs

You know you're a good dancer if you can move everything at once.

27. Jim Carrey

Never forget to throw in a good leg hump.

28. Then finally, we have Chris Matthews.

No. Please no.

Who was your favorite? Add yours below!

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