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21 Reasons Why Steve Carell Would Make The Perfect Road Trip Companion

Grand Canyon, here we come!

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1. First and foremost, he would plan every detail of the trip for you and you would trust him to do an excellent job, sort of.

2. While your life isn't as exciting as his, he still pretends to give a shit.

3. I mean, you can literally talk to him all day about your life and your problems and he'll never get tired of it.

Relationship on the rocks? NBD, spill your guts!

4. He's incredibly resourceful and that's important if you find yourself in the presence of danger.

You're in fantastic hands!

5. There'll be no shortage of fun on this trip! The man is up for a good time, ALWAYS.

6. You probably don't know this, but he's an animal whisperer, of sorts.

Evan Almighty / EagleWeasleyCromwell /

So, bears and coons and stuff are not even that big of a deal to him.

7. Road rage is not an issue. At all. Which is great.

Date Night / Ecker-Carell /

8. He's a master at choosing gas station snacks. Only the good stuff for this guy.

9. The man's an adrenaline junkie. Who knew?? He'll try anything at least once.

Get Smart / u27v /

Which is great because you want to try at least 40% of things.

10. His natural curiosity for life could lead you to wonderful places.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin /

Don't even mind that we ended up at a scary wax museum 7 miles from the interstate. Don't even mind.

11. Out of every single person you know, Steve makes the very best driving mixes.

He can't remember the words and he sings at an obnoxious volume, but who even cares?

12. He's definitely, probably got your back after you log in seven hours of driving.

13. He treats your car like he would his own, with the utmost respect and regard.

14. His ghost stories are super elaborate, you love them, and he mildly appreciates yours.

15. He's just a raging party animal and that makes for some interesting pit stops.

16. He doesn't chew that loudly, so that's nice.

Via Bloopers & Making of by FilmIsNow EXTRA /

17. He has friends all over the country, so you've always got somewhere to stay.

Wake up to find one of them staring at you while sitting in a rocking chair? It's FINE.

18. Running out of conversation topics should be your last worry if you find yourself in the car with Steve.

19. He's not a picky eater, any and all fast-food restaurants are fine by him.

20. He's the perfect person to share a bottle of wine with while sitting under the stars.

Who doesn't love a romantic or totally platonic camping trip?

21. His rugged good looks are a nice distraction.

When it's not your turn to drive, obviously.

Basically, you'll have the absolute time of your life with this guy around.

End of story.

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