Stop And Take A Moment To Appreciate Tom Welling

Let’s be honest, the only reason we watched a show about Superman going through puberty was for this magnificent, beastly creature.

1. If it’s possible, which it is, he is actually the perfect mix between boyishly handsome and fiercely masculine.

2. His physical beauty is second to none.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

3. What must it be like to be the perfect specimen of a man, all other men wonder.

Courtesy of The CW / Via fanpop.com

4. How does one roll out of bed and look this glorious?

Photo by Vince Bucci / Getty Images

5. What stamina it must take to balance in the fog on this slippery rock!

Courtesy of The CW / Via fanpop.com

6. Only one man can pull off such diverse hairstyles. Ombré? No problem.


7. Of course he flies through the air with a freshly shaven chest, it’s Tom Welling.

Courtesy of The CW / Via moviesfilmsandflix.com

8. How can any woman resist this face??


9. His superhuman man strength prevents him from breaking a sweat during sports.

Michael Courtney/Warner Bros. / Getty Images

10. No other man on earth looks this regal in a tuxedo.

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

11. Where the hell have you and this leather jacket been Thomas John Patrick Welling?!

Courtesy of The CW Network, LLC.

12. But seriously, his intensity is startling, I’m actually astonished.

Courtesy of The CW Network, LLC

14. Don’t be fooled, men. You can’t wear this turtleneck like Tom does. Actually, just no one besides Tom wear turtlenecks.

15. His sensitivity is truly remarkable.

David Gray/Warner Bros. / Getty Images

16. Even dogs know when to stop and reflect on the perfection that is Tom.

17. A moment of silence to appreciate, please.

18. Look at you now, you ageless wonder, you.

JLM/SplashNewsOnline / Via justjared.com

19. Here’s to Tom, everybody.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

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