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    Ranking Jennifer Lawrence's Hairstyles In 2013

    The girl can pull off ANYTHING, so this is actually just a post about how much we love her hair.


    Ethan Miller/Staff

    This style is really pretty, but it's nothing compared with the rest! It's cute, but it makes her look a little more youthful.


    Stuart Wilson/Stringer

    This hairstyle is probably one the hardest to pull off out of the entire bunch. She still looks absolutely stunning; it might be that fact that it looks like wet hair on a red carpet. But ultimately, let's be honest, she can do whatever she wants.


    Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Staff

    She's sported different versions of this style before, even throughout this post. I think this style is totally acceptable, it just might've aged her a bit. What do you guys think?


    Ian Gavan/Staff

    This hairstyle is super-cute and the style works for her. My only criticism was that it could've been fancier since that dress is so beautiful. Maybe even a slicked-back bun or a fun ponytail?


    Pascal Le Segretain/Staff

    This style is simple — it's straight and it doesn't distract you from the couture she's sporting. This look is probably the easiest to pull off, especially if you enjoy using a straightener. It got a lower rating ONLY because a lot of people sport this look on a daily basis.


    John Lamparski / WireImage

    Recently, she's been experimenting with different hair colors. She's finally tried out a much blonder shade, and I think it looks nice on her skin tone. I definitely couldn't get away with this look, but she's able to do it quite well.


    Gareth Cattermole/Staff

    Almost all of us have had a medium-length hairdo at one more point or another. This is a great cut for people who don't want to spend quite as much time styling but still want hair that frames their faces. This is a standard style that would look good on anyone.


    Jason Merritt/Staff

    This elegant 'do totally worked for the Oscars. It's clean and classic. The style flattered her expensive-looking earrings and her gorgeous drop necklace in the back.


    Craig Barritt/Stringer

    This haircut is probably just the casual version of her super-styled pixie below. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this 'do — it's super-cute. There were just so many good ones to rank!


    Frazer Harrison/Staff

    I love a good side bun as much as the next person, but I think she looks like she's headed to a prom or wedding. You might disagree — after all, it's a really pretty style. Maybe it makes her seem a little younger, while the rest of the styles below make her look like a celebrity.


    Jason Merritt/Staff

    This auburn hair color really brings out her blue eyes. Overall, the updo works and gives her busy earrings a chance to show off!


    Zak Hussein/Stringer

    One of the MANY styles she's been wearing since the big cut. Ultimately, this one is surprisingly doable if you currently have a pixie cut. Usually, if the shape of your face is on the rounder or oval side, adding more volume is always flattering.


    Jason Merritt/Staff

    Her hair color is AMAZING in this picture. It's perfectly highlighted, and her side bangs are super-flattering. The style itself works better down because of the tulle dress panel up top.


    Pascal Le Segretain/Staff

    This is a pretty harsh look to pull off. With that said, I think she wore it really well. It's very elegant and it doesn't take away from the more complex draping of the dress. Also, I can't get over all of the earpieces she's been sporting since her pixie cut.


    David Livingston/Stringer

    This look is incredibly simple and incredibly easy to replicate. The style works because her overall attitude is laid-back and casual. She could literally roll out of bed and do nothing with her hair and no one would care.


    Kevin Winter/Staff

    What is there to say about this photo? Her hair looks golden and glorious. The color compliments her patterned dress. This is what I WISH mine looked like every day.


    Carlos Alvarez/Stringer

    The reason this 'do made the top 10 is because it takes a very ballsy lady to try a fauxhawk. I think she rocks it, and it's nice to experiment sometimes!


    Charley Gallay/Stringer

    This one is included for obvious reasons. Her middle-parted ponytail keeps her from looking overdone. Her makeup artist used light pastel colors, and emerald earrings make the whole look pop. She looks beautiful, and her hair doesn't seem too complicated to copy.


    Frazer Harrison/Staff

    Hopefully, everyone's tried this one at least once! The easiest way to look like a class starlet is to focus on the curls and pin one side back. She keeps her makeup fairly simple, other than the bold red lip.


    Frazer Harrison/Staff

    This hairstyle for her promotional tour is also one of the top looks! I think first and foremost, it's incredibly flattering and it also balances out a bold and busy dress. Her makeup keeps the style looking romantic, and her hair shows off her earrings perfectly.


    Kevin Winter/Staff

    Who doesn't love a good sex-kitten hairstyle?! The makeup too! This whole look has a very '60s feel to it, and she wears it well. She probably had a blowout and then a good tease on the crown to achieve this one. Well done!


    Samir Hussein/Stringer

    This is one of her best hair colors EVER, not just the year. The honey highlights match her skin tone and the entire cut looks ideal.


    Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff

    Her messy top knot is, hands down, adorable. One, it flatters her face completely. Two, it compliments that busy neckline. Her makeup looks fresh, and this look is for sure deserving of a top-five spot.


    Rob Kim/Stringer

    This pixie cut is amazing in every which way. The highlights are perfection, and the layering is splendid. Every single woman on Earth should try this one out eventually. It's still feminine and incredibly low-maintenance — definitely one to take to the hair salon!


    Paul A. Hebert/Stringer

    This style takes the No. 1 spot in 2013, folks. It looks bohemian and absolutely effortless (wish we all had stylists). Her hair in this photo is EXACTLY what all other hair aspires to be. One day, I hope to re-create this fabulous 'do.

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