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    Prince Harry Froze Himself Last Night

    In order to prepare for the Walking With The Wounded Charity South Pole Challenge, Harry had to go camping in an artificial ice chamber. The actual expedition requires walking 200 miles in 15 days all while experiencing temperatures close to -31F, nbd.

    But more importantly, a dramatic unveiling of the most gorgeous royal. The doors open slowly, people cheer.

    Everyone exits, saving the best for last.

    Harry stomps his feet with gusto, almost like a mating call, if you will.

    He strips each glove off slowly, as if he knows women everywhere (or literally just me) are actually taking time out of their day to watch this video.

    Suddenly in an icy blur, Harry's beautiful, frozen face is revealed.

    Then finally, like a true Brit, he wipes his perfect nose and dives right into the biscuits & tea.

    If only we had all been there to warm his chilly hands.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images / Via

    Don't worry guys, the whole video's here!


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