NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Is In A Hair Restoration Commercial

Because, why not!

1. Guys, it’s Joey Fatone.

2. The man we all grew up loving.


3. The man who’s always had a goatee AND a chin strap!


*Like, who can even do that??? Only Joey, LITERALLY.

4. Just your average famous person with beautifully luscious locks.


*Sort of balding.

7. So was this guy, Christopher Knight, from The Brady Bunch!

8. A lot of men, everywhere, submitted the same photos!

9. But luckily, these doctors who are pointing to largely zoomed in follicles found a solution!

10. Take it from JoFa, this sytem works.

11. Even fellow boy bander, A.J. McLean, got some in April!

skullerroz / instagram.com

*Backstreet Boys ARE BACK. Literally, on top of his head.

12. Do yourself and your extra follicles a favor, put them on your head!

*This might not be butt hair.

13. OR don’t do that and rock the shit out of patchy situation.


14. Either way, your choice, it’s an option if you want it or if you don’t want to at all. DO YOUR THANG, GUYS.


15. Watch his whole commercial here!

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