Miley Cyrus Serenades The Guy Who Asked Her To Prom Onstage

She couldn’t escort Matt Peterson to his actual dance because of her Bangerz tour schedule. However, I’d say he’s feeling pretty good about the situation right now.

Nicki Escudero / youtube.com

2. Matt made his own tuxedo jacket, complete with Miley’s tongue all over it.

Of course she was excited to try it on.

3. His night was pretty much made when she kissed him on the cheek.

4. Afterwards, he got down on one knee and it reminded her of another time a guy did this.*

*”I was in this position once before and it didn’t work out too well the last time a guy got on one knee for me. Hopefully this will be better.”

5. Once the corsage was its proper place, the two were good to go.

6. They literally dance the night away. Or at least for the next 5 minutes.

Props to Miley.

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