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    Miley Cyrus Rolls Around In Sheets, Half-Nude For New Video

    The preview for her song "Adore You" is filmed entirely in a bedroom fort. Or, so it seems.

    It starts off with her lying in what appears to be an incubator or those liquid tubes from The Island.

    Then, once she's grown into a human, it transitions into her mouthing something like, "Ew, chapstick." So we're like, "Do you want chapstick?"

    Then she says what looks like "I hate everyone" and we're like, "OK, not necessary. We're just trying to help."

    Then she feels her ribs slowly and we're like, "Miley, if you're cold, use the sheet how it's intended."

    Then she's like, "True that, peace y'all." We're like, "Bye."

    Then she's like, "Just kidding," and slicks her hair back. The end.

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