Louis Tomlinson Took A Spill During One Direction Concert

Happens to the best of us, mister. Although, in hindsight, probably shouldn’t have run onstage after water fight with band members.

1. It all starts with Louis having no idea what’s coming to him. He begins running excitedly for no apparent reason while Liam douses him with water.


2. Not surprisingly, he slips and falls on back. Embarrassment ensues. Then, Zayn casually walks over to help as Liam slowly lets the guilt sink in.


3. Louis decides to remain in a state of denial so he rejects a helping hand. But then later, determines Zayn has his best interest at heart and accepts his assistance.


4. He slowly walks around on stage to get his bearings again. Finally, reaches full recovery and continues being loved by all young girls everywhere.


Watch Louis take a tumble here!

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