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    Posted on Mar 11, 2014

    Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Do A Slow, Sassy Dance Together

    Can't blame them, really. John Legend will do that to you.

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    Justin begins this celebration of intertwined bodies by doing a standing sit-up, which is both impressive AND painful-looking.

    All of the sudden, without warning, he spins Selena against the wall.

    THEN, in an unexpected twist, she unmounts him like a horse.

    Oh, you didn't know horses could unmount? Well. They can, probably.

    In a quick flash, he spins her head around, which in turn spins her body around.

    How this works, we're not quite sure.

    Eventually, she's literally had enough. She's had it up to here with him. She pushes up gently against the wall and walks away slowly.

    Very slowly. Very seductively.

    Justin follows behind her, then kicks her in the shin. Things are getting heated.

    All's well that ends well! Justin walks away sideways, like a really old man who doesn't know directions and then the dance is finished.

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