How To Take The Quickest Selfie Ever With Kim Kardashian

It’s quite simple.

1. First off, run up right beside her at a supersonic pace. The faster, the better, obviously.

Allan Bregg / Splash News

Hold your skateboard and/or all other personal belongings in your arms for ultimate efficiency.

2. Throw a peace sign up (no other hand gestures) and don’t say anything. Words are unnecessary while taking the shortest selfie ever.

Allan Bregg / Splash News

3. Snap the photo in a timely manner and ignore the fact that Kim is totally and utterly unfazed by you.

4. Finally, thank the gods for your 3G network and the fact that you’re able to upload this instantly.

Be proud you captured that moment of you and her walking down that sidewalk.

5. Go on and continue living your life. The end!

Watch the video here:

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Via The Daily Mail

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