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22 Hilarious Tattoos Of Will Ferrell You Won't Believe Are Real

F.Y.I., lots of Ron Burgundys ahead.

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1. A Ron Burgundy caricature.

2. An inflated Ricky Bobby!

3. Ron B. in a daze.

4. A bronzed "El Diablo."

5. Will as dramatic Jesus.

6. The Burgundy with a romantic twist!

7. A speechless Buddy.

8. A minimalistic Ron.

9. The perfect mix of Will Ferrell and Danny McBride.

10. This beautiful ode to our favorite man.

11. Frank, with high contrast.

12. Mr. Burgundy with a nose job.

13. A terrified R.B.

14. A smug-faced anchorman.

15. A serious-faced anchorman.

16. Anchorman plus 5 lbs.

17. An enthusiastic Mugatu.

18. An inspiring Ronald.*media*tumblr*com%7Ctumblr_mdb8rc787W1qdz5sho1_400*jpg/

19. Will on a butt cheek.

20. Ron Burgundy with a heavy brow.

21. An interesting Elf.

22. The darker side of Ronny.

Then, there's these.

Best friend tattoos!

Will Ferrell tattoos are the absolute best!

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