Here’s How To Do A Sexy Dance According To Aaron Paul

He teaches us the way in his upcoming film Decoding Annie Parker.

1. Start off by swiveling your hips from side-to-side slowly while trying on a silk scarf.

If you don’t like the silk scarf, try on something else.

2. Next, kick your leg out in a sassy way. Repeat multiple times until you come up with a new dance move.

Also helps to wear Hannah Horvath’s see-through shirt during this stage of the process.

3. Make a figure 8 with your pelvic region and simultaneously rub your stomach/right boob and then feel how soft your locks are.

Remind yourself that you need to buy more conditioner.

4. Bend over and examine the bottom of your pleather pants and then get back up and examine the back of your pleather pants.

“These are really good pants,” you probably say to yourself.

5. Slowly follow your happy trail down to very bottom until you reach the seam, then repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

6. Put on Abraham Lincoln’s hat and then crouch down and tell the mirror to come closer.

“No. Closer than that.”

7. Finally, quietly curse the rude person who interrupted your solo dance-off and continue on living your life.


Watch the whole clip here!

DAP Love / youtube.com

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