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Harry Styles And Cara Delevingne Went On A Date

Could it be? Is this bachelor really ready to settle down?

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In 2012, the musician and model were spotted out and about together stirring up rumors that they might possibly be dating.

Cararry Tumblr / Via

(This picture is photoshopped, people. But, everyone wants Cararry to happen, or at least everyone on Tumblr.) Obviously, people stopped speculating when Taylor Swift came in the picture. But recently, it seems like things may be heating up between the two again.

Last week, one very fortunate fan photographed this One Direction cutie in London at a broadway production of Book of Mormon.

Via Twitter: @BookofMormon

Right beside him was his on-again lover, Cara Delevingne. Just in case you have your doubts, check out the tattoo on her finger.

What do you guys think, is this just a fling or are they in it to win it?

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