An Ode To A Younger Shia LaBeouf

Go with me on this journey to revisit Shia circa 2000-2007.

1. Please, gather ‘round. Close your eyes, sit down, and think back to a time long ago when Shia LaBeouf looked like this.

Kevin Winter/Staff

2. Or this, actually. Even better.

Jason Squires / WireImage

3. A time when Shia sported shirts with well-endowed squirrels on them.

Barry Brecheisen / WireImage

4. A time when he was thoughtful enough to show his fans, quite literally*, that times were good. Times were great.

Justin Kahn / WireImage

*Surf’s up + Thumbs up = I love my fucking life.

5. When he kissed cheeks enthusiastically and wore ball caps with handprints on them.

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

6. Shia was precious. I mean, look at those locks!

J. Vespa / WireImage

7. Look at how he holds that small bag of popcorn!

Kevin Winter/Staff

8. He was so incredibly awkward, like most people during puberty and we loved him for it.

Frazer Harrison/Staff

9. Was there anyone more adorable and more hilarious than Younger Shia??? No.

Freaks and Geeks / youtube.com

Even Stevens / lipstickalley.com

Even Stevens / youtube.com


10. No, there was not. Look at what a gentleman he was! Fixing ties and wearing pinstripe suits and such.

Kevin Winter/Staff

11. He was casual. He was relaxed. LAID-BACK, EVEN??

Lucy Nicholson/Stringer

12. Even Ben Affleck appreciated him and wanted to show the world!

Kevin Winter/Staff

13. THIS was HIS TIME. You know pre-acid, pre-wiener showing, pre-plagerism;


14. when his clothes didn’t fit him right and he let his curly hair flow!!

Frazer Harrison/Staff

15. Remember?? That window of time before the paparazzi soiled his soul!!??


16. Shia was a sweet, sweet boy! He gave forehead kisses and wore undershirts.

Kevin Winter/Staff

17. He probably said things like “I’m me and I’m unique.”

Theo Wargo / WireImage

18. He was basically Disney Channel’s wonder boy!


19. Take this moment, for example. It was so innocent and so darling. It was the year it all began, 2005. Or the year something began. *

Peter Kramer/Staff

Peter Kramer/Staff


*Maybe, the year something ended??

20. Remember when he didn’t take himself seriously yet and red carpet events were fun!? Almost enjoyable??

Stephen Shugerman/Stringer

Stephen Shugerman/Stringer


21. When he thought UGG boots were man’s greatest gift to this world!

Barry Brecheisen / WireImage

22. When he would look through his belt buckle and you would laugh and think “Why didn’t I do that with my belt buckle??”

Jamie McCarthy / WireImage

23. When his polka-dotted clothes made you jump for joy, internally!

Duffy-Marie Arnoult / WireImage

24. All those times he used to put his awards in his mouth! That was funny, Shia. Bravo!

Ethan Miller/Staff

25. When he made eye goggles at his premieres and he was just as beautiful as ever!

Kevin Winter/Staff




27. We know the Shia in this photo still exists!

Dana Edelson / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

28. We miss you and your old ties!

Kevin Winter/Staff

29. We miss when you’d chuckle on the red carpets instead of being a serious Susan.

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

Pascal Le Segretain/Staff


30. We miss this large, redonculous hat that didn’t even fit your head!*

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

*Also, this Screech shirt.

31. There was hope in your eyes! The future was in your hands!

Kevin Winter/Staff

32. Come back to us, young lad. Come back to us.

Michael Buckner/Staff

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