25 Photos Of James Marsden That Will Help You Get Through This Blizzard

This man will warm your soul and melt your heart.

1. This is James Marsden, for those of you who may or may not have been residing under a small desert rock.

Kevin Winter/Staff

2. He might be the MOST charming man on this planet. Or most charming-looking man, if you will.

Carlos Alvarez/Stringer

3. He could literally ask you to shave his back hair while listening to Jack Johnson and you’d say “I’ll get the razor.”

Mike Coppola/Staff

4. This man of all mans is nothing less than 97% perfect.

Jemal Countess/Staff

5. Look at THOSE EYES. They’re like huge crystal balls that can’t tell your future but you look at them anyways.

Frazer Harrison/Staff

6. They’re spellbinding, entrancing, otherworldly and all those other words that pop up when you google “synonyms for magical”.


7. I don’t know if you noticed or not (you did), his smile is the only one of it’s kind. Literally and figuratively.

Jason Merritt/Staff

8. He’s like a rare bird with a lot of teeth. Like more teeth than normal. Like when he smiles, you can see all of his teeth.


9. He always looks like the perfect combination between your future husband and your future lover.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff

*KIDDDDDDING. Awk. *My* Future Husband.

10. Look at him with scruff, just look at him.

Jason Merritt/Staff

11. Now look at him without scruff.

Jason Merritt/Staff

12. One more time with scruff.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff


Jamie McCarthy/Staff

14. He’s like a modern day Greek god. Apollo, perhaps? But like, less into arrow-shooting and cursing people and stuff.

Peter Kramer/Staff

15. If Chris Pine and Tom Welling had a baby boy, he’d be named James Marsden. Or whatever they wanted to name him. But, it would look like James Marsden.

Jemal Countess/Staff

16. He’s ageless and refined! Like, a classic Hollywood actor with less hair gel and no cigars!

Cindy Ord/Stringer

17. He’s clearly a romantic.


18. I mean, he’s seriously the cutest. Even here:

Joe Scarnici/Stringer

19. And here: He’s considerably cuter than this oversized rabbit who’s supposed to be adorable.

20. He’s ALMOST as cute as this German Shepherd, which is saying a lot.

Jason Merritt/Staff

21. I mean, even his tuft of hair! So adorable and spontaneous, just like him. Probably. Maybe? Most likely.

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

22. If you don’t walk away thinking James is a sexy beast, I don’t know what else to say.

Bryan Bedder/Staff

23. He’s beauty and he’s grace, he’s Miss United States.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff


24. In case you haven’t felt the sweltering heat that radiates from Mr. Marsden, here. Here is this. GOOD DAY.

Death At A Funeral / hellyeahjamesmarsden.tumblr.com


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