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19 Things You Want To Do With Prince Harry Now That He's Single

GUYS, not like that. OK, yes, kind of like that.

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3. Talk about nonsense for hours and hours on end every single night until you don't feel like it anymore.

Chris Jackson WPA Pool / Getty Images

"So you put the beans ON the toast. I see. That's interesting."


11. Complain about your allergies together.

WPA Pool / Getty images

You: "Cats, horses, grass, and vegetables are the WORST."

Harry: "You're allergic to vegetables?"

You: "Totally."


17. Share the same tent.

WPA Pool / Getty Images)

"Oh, I didn't know this was, like, a camping thing [insert fake laugh}????? Well, SHUCKS [insert finger snap]. Good thing you brought one."

18. Touch his left boob.

Ian Gavan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

"Yes, your muscles have a lot of body. No. I meant, your body has a lot of muscles on it. Wait, no. Your muscly body has muscles."


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