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18 Reasons Why Every Girl Wanted To Be Kate Bosworth In "Blue Crush"

"You really think you can surf it for real out there?" "Well, Drew, I dated you, I guess I can do anything." BOOM.

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4. No DOUBT, everyone on this planet wanted perfectly sun-kissed hair and a tan after this movie.

Blue Crush / Universal Pictures

Sunscreen schmunscreen... Until I was 18, obviously.

5. Living life on the wild side was just her philosophy, plain and simple.

Blue Crush / Universal Pictures

In hindsight, this was extremely dangerous. But we were like 14 when this came out, so whatever.

12. In fact, she got her ass kicked by the ocean numerous times and still kept going back for more.

Blue Crush / Universal Pictures

We would've been like "Peach, bitch. See you again, never."

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