12 Of The Most Sexually Charged Moments From Justin Bieber’s New Music Video

WHOA. Hold onto your hats, everyone. The Biebs is getting SAUCY for his new song “All That Matters.”

1. The video starts out with this sassy lady on a windy day.

2. Then suddenly, Justin’s like “What’s your hair smell like?”

3. Then he’s like, “Hold up, what moisturizer you using?”

4. Then she’s like, “Nivea — Express Hydration.”

5. Then her mom’s like, “GET YOUR FEET OFF THE COUCH.”

6. So she’s like, “Watch me ruin these shorts you just bought me.”

7. Then he’s like “I forgot to tell you earlier, your hair smells nice.”

8. “SO NICE, it makes me want to do these small gyrations.”

9. So, she’s like “That’s super nice, Justin. Can I call you Justin?”

10. Then we’re all like, “There’s room on the motorcycle to sit down, just an FYI.”

11. Then, OUT OF NOWHERE, they reenact the Kimye “Bound 2” video.

12. Then Kimye’s like, “It’s fine, everyone should try it sometime.”

whitney jefferson / bound 2 / ellentv.com

13. FINALLLLLY, he’s like “Let’s make out.” The end.

Watch Justin almost get it on here!

JustinBieberVevo / youtube.com

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