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15 Dogs Who Don't Give A Damn About Your Rules

Hey, whatever works for you, pal.

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1. Make your streaks as lengthy as possible, by all means.

Paul Samolyk /

2. No, it's fine. I felt like shampooing the carpet today anyways.

lilmomgirl100 /

3. What's mine is yours, buddy. Make yourself at home.

Van Lam /

4. It's great you only do it in the living room, where everyone's gathering for discussion. I agree.

5. Take your sweet time in here. It's all about you today, kind sir!

dNaProduct /

6. Definitely do it in front of your siblings to encourage good behavior. You're such a role model.

J Ladd /

7. Ohhhhh. The bigger the dog, the more fun the cleanup. I see.

Brian Shantz /

8. Carpet's not that expensive, do as you please.

9. It's the weekend, good point. You are allowed to let loose.

LifeofRoyRobin /

10. I see you added more pressure for maximal damage. How thoughtful.

Niz D /

11. You missed a spot. Make sure you're thorough.

Jackson Hall /

12. Yes, you're right. It's technically your area since you shit here as well.

twfarley /

13. If I don't mind, the hotel staff won't! I promise.


14. Take your time, I have nothing else to do today.

aykayo /

15. No, it's fine. I had $40 dollars to waste on that bath I paid for you today.

tickleb270 /

*It's important to note, if your dog is doing this an excessive amount, please get his bum checked out.

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