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24 Times The Fashion In "Sailor Moon" Was On Point

Fighting evil by moonlight, looking fierce by daylight. The Sailor Scouts may have been 90's heroes but they were also 90's fashion queens.

1. Look at these fashion icons.

2. They know how to match clothes.

3. They also know how to use a Luna Pen.

4. Rocking the crop top!

5. Squad goals for sure.

6. Speaking of comfy, this sweater looks AMAZING.

7. The color coordination is strong in this group.

8. Ok, so I can't really speak for Mamoru...

9. In fact, pretty much everyone is always rocking the high waist.

10. Alright, so technically Esmeraude wasn't a Sailor Scout and was evil, but whatever.

11. They even look fly in zero gravity!

12. They've got their bedazzling game on lock.

13. Even the kids dress cute!

14. In fact, Hotaru is probably the most fashionable person on the show.

15. Seriously though, she knows what she's doing.

16. Hotaru even looked awesome when she was evil.

17. So did Chibiusa, actually.

18. Setsuna knows how to rock the business chic.

19. Shoe game strong.

20. I mean, can I just have their closets?

21. Look at that broach!

22. Do they even sell bathing suits this fresh nowadays?

23. Look at all of these styles going on right now!

24. Why were they even fighting evil again?