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    18 Gifts For The Murderino In Your Life

    But seriously, stay sexy and don't get murdered this holiday season!

    Murderino Pin by Enamel Heart

    Enamel Heart / Via

    This pin makes it so easy for to meet fellow murderinos on the street!

    Get it at Enamel Heart.

    True Crime Patch by Michelle Brusegaard

    Michelle Brusegaard / Via

    Wear your passions on you sleeve (or purse, or anywhere). Find it here.

    You're In a Cult Call Your Dad Patch by Secret Order of Stuff

    Secret Order of Stuff / Via

    For real, though. Find it here.

    Murderino Plate by Spill the Twee

    Spill the Twee / Via

    Have the sexiest Christmas dinner ever, thanks to Spill the Twee.

    SSDGM Embroidery Hoop by Jayem Stitches

    Jayem Stitches / Via

    Any muderino would proudly display this in their home! Find it here.

    SSDGM Enamel Pin by Friend Center

    Friend Center / Via

    Cute, but gets the point across. Find it here.

    SSDGM by Give An Eff


    Coffee + Crime podcast = the perfect afternoon. Find it here.

    Karen and Georgia Pin Set by The Pin Crowd

    The Pin Crowd / Via

    Are you a Karen or a Georgia? Gift them both or share with a friend. From The Pin Crowd.

    SSDGM Cross Stitch by Brinnana Bread Crafts.

    Brinnana Bread Crafts / Via

    This is the perfect gift for the muderino in your life that loves handmade items! Find it here.

    Stay Out of the Forest Decal by Sullen Riot

    Sullen Riot / Via

    For real, though. This sticker is the perfect reminder to stay out of the forest! Find it here.

    My Favorite Murder Bracelet by I Love 2 Stamp

    I Love 2 Stamp

    Perfect for the person that loves true crime and accessories. Find it here.

    My Favorite Murder Candle by Calliope Candleworks

    Calliope Candleworks / Via

    According to the maker, this sweet baby angel has a surprisingly lovely scent of wet earth and a touch of roses to create that "secret grave" fragrance we all strive to recreate in our homes. And that label is to die for. Find it here.

    Elivis Can Cooler by Oak & Co.

    Oak & Co. / Via

    The most prolific cat in the podcast world. Find it here.

    Hard Kill Card by Less Than Serious.

    Less Than Serious / Via

    Send a letter to a far away friend this holiday season. Card by Less Than Serious.

    Murderino Pouch by Tiny Human Knits

    Tiny Human Knits / Via

    Skull zipper attachment! Blood splatter fabric on the inside! Is this the perfect gift or what?! Find it here.

    Toxic Masculinity - Unisex Baseball Tee by My Favorite Murder Shirts

    My Favorite Murder Shirts / Via

    This is the official My Favorite Murder "TOXIC MASCULINITY" baseball from the sweet baby angels themselves. Find it here.

    True Crime Club by BackYardButtonCo

    Backyard Button Co. / Via

    Honestly, the this is the best club ever. Patch by Backyard Button Co.

    Thank You For Being My Steven Card by Fox and Fancy

    Fox and Fancy / Via

    Let's not forget Steven! Card by Fox and Fancy.

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