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7 Ways To Know You're On A Friend Date With Taylor Swift

Warning: If Taylor Swift invites you to do any of the following, she definitely wants to be your new best friend.

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Taylor Swift's 4th of July weekend was yet another example of the adorable hangout sessions she shares with only her closest and most fabulous of friends. But when it comes to these epic hangs, Taylor tends to pull out the same tricks. Are you surrounded by a sea of party dresses and baking utensils? Are your nights reserved for playing with sparklers and dressing like cats? Careful, you may be on a friend date with Taylor Swift!

1. You're making a recipe that was featured on Barefoot Contessa.

I love Ina Garten as much as anyone (including Tina Fey and Jeffrey), but has Taylor ever heard of Julia Child or Giada De Laurentiis?

2. You're forced to play with fire.

Lorde needs to know where every working fire extinguisher is located, ASAP.

3. You've traded your clothes for period costumes or animal ears.

Red suits you, Ed Sheeran.

4. You're taking Polaroid pictures.

Because who knows how long Instagram will last?

5. You begin to have trouble closing your mouth in public.

Call it your own version of the Taylor Swift Surprise Face. (Team USA ice skater Gracie Gold needs to put some work in if she wants to medal in Taylor Swift friendship.)

6. You prefer to express yourself through dance.

And rarely care who's watching.

7. You pose for an endless amount of group photos and are forced to feign closeness with people you're really not that well acquainted with.

Say, "Cheese," Emma Stone.

For the record, Taylor, I own my own Polaroid camera and look great in cat ears. Call me!

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