Which Sunny Sider Are You?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. It's A Friday Night, What Are You Doing?

    Hanging with my peeps at good ole Sunny Side
    Hitting up an Olentangy game
    Boolin' with my homies
    Cleaning, of course
    Going to Easton with my friends
    Probably staying up until 3 A.M. for no reason
    Whatever the squad is doing
    Hanging with friends
    Hanging with bae
    Driving around blasting music and looking at nice houses
  2. You Have The Aux On House Night, What Are You Playing?

    My "Lez Get It" playlist on Spotify
    JB... maybe Chainsmokers... probs JB
    "Songs That Get White Girls Excited" on Spotify
    Probs some lit throwbacks
    Sam Hunt
    Some Alternative ish
    Anything Ben Rector
    Trap music for sure
    John Mayer
  3. What's Your Go-To Meal?

    Zoodles (duh)
    Sierra turkey sandwich with extra chipotle mayo and baked potato soup
    Grilled chicken and a vegetable
    Mac and cheese
    Any and all pasta with biscuits
    Ramen noodles if I'm poor, Mitchell's Steakhouse if I just got paid
  4. What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

    People being mean :(
    When people don't answer the phone but then text me
    Dane Hooper's truck
    When Connie pesters me
    Crumbs in my bed
    When people hog the aux cord
    People not texting back
    When people dance on me
    When people have their read receipts on, read your message and don't text back
    When things are messy
    People screaming
  5. What's In Your Cup?

    Coffee. Black.
    BRISK raspberry iced tea
    Cherry Coke
    Diet Coke
    Coke (even though I shouldn't have it)
    Peach Iced Tea
    Coffee from the Roosevelt
    Coffee or tea
    Any kind of soda
    Mountain Dew
  6. It's A School Night And Someone Asked To Hang. What Do You Say?

    Let's grab dinner
    Heck yeah freaking rite
    Hellz yeah
    Eh. What do you want to do?
    I'm probably doing homework so lol can't fail #neuro
    Let's watch a bad horror movie on Netflix
    Movie night
    BOI, I have homework!
    I don't go to school so sure
    Let's do it
    There's nothing to do on campus, let's go to the 'Ville
  7. KOTD?

    Brown booties always
    My boots with the fur
    Back at it again with the white Vans
    Bean Boots
    Red rain boots
    Combat boots
    Black booties
    Adidas Stan Smith's
    Heeled booties
    High top Vans
    Adidas Superstars

Which Sunny Sider Are You?

You got: Emily Eschliman

AYYYYE! You got Emily. Emily Eschliman is a Sophomore at Ohio State University. We know you may think she is a freshman, we do too! And have no clue how to pronounce her last name (we don’t either), but let me tell ya folks, she is quite the addition! Some of her hobbies include eating Brussel sprouts, improving her "hipster" persona, and winding up to hit the dab. If you’d like to know more about her, you may wish to search her on youtube and watch her hour and a half long news broadcast compilations.

Emily Eschliman
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You got: Ashley White

Congratulations! You got Ashley. Ashley White is also a Sophomore at the Capital of something. If you are ever looking for Ashley, you may not be able to find her, as she is Sunny Sides tiniest member. She will also most likely never be found without crutches, a fever, or a can of Cherry Coke. Ashley is an employee at Vineyard Vines, therefore making her Sunny Side’s most frattiest member. She also spends 99% of her time at the Roosevelt and has an Apple Watch and I guess is just very confused between if she wants to be a hipster or a srat girl. Stay Tuned.

Ashley White
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You got: Adri Voyiatt

Congratulations! You got Adri. Adri Voyiatt is we don’t really know what. She is a Sophomore at some place called Capital but we aren’t really sure what is the Capital of. She absolutely adores spending time on our couch searching twitter archives of her emo high-school self. In the rare situation where she decides to leave the couch, you can find her in an enormous red jeep that is in constant completion with Dane Hooper’s even more enormous janky ford truck.

Adri Voyiatt
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You got: Grace English

CONGRATS! You got Grace. Grace English is a Freshman at The Columbus State Community College (YAY GO COUGS). She is also Sunny Side’s full time maid and toilet plunger. Her advice for plunging a toilet Is “VERY CAREFULLY”. In her spare time, you can find her working at Fuzziwigs Candy factory, buying another pullover from LL. Bean, or taking professional modeling pictures in front of Champs market.

Grace English
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You got: Hayley Wilson

Congratulations! You got Hayley. Hayley Wilson AKA Haybail Wilson is a freshman at The Columbus State Community College. In her free time, she spends most of her time skipping class and retreating to the Roosevelt Coffee house. Anytime she is not at the Roosevelt, she is probably at a nursing home or babysitting. She’s our very own sunny-side cowgirl spending a decent amount of time poppin' tags at the thrift store and is the most likely person to Venmo you after borrowing a clothing item.

Hayley Wilson
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You got: Josee Jenkins

Congratulations! You got Josee. Josee Jenkins is a middle schooler at Olentangy! She spends her free time watching Star Wars and going to bed at 10pm every night: pronto. If you are ever taking a stroll down West 8th Avenue, Josee may stop you to write a rap about you. Her favorite song to get down to is “Da Dip” by Freak Nasty. She is a wild violater of the love language, Physical Touch. In fact: you are ever wondering where she is, she is probably in your personal space bubble.

Josee Jenkins
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You got: Sarah Ortman

Congratulations! You got Sarah. Sarah Ortman is a full time hair stylist, specializing in Afro’s. You can often find her trying to catch things on fire with her INSANELY large collection of scented candles. Sarah is the only sunny-sider that you will find parking on the streets instead of our back lot and this is because she rides an elephant to Aveda every day. The only time she is ever angry is when she is woken up in the middle of the night to Shelby turning the light on.

Sarah Ortman
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You got: Anna Smales

CONGRATS! You got Anna. Anna Smales is a Freshman at The Columbus State Community College. You will most likely find her scrounging for coins in her coat pockets in attempt to buy Mountain Dew from Walmart. If there is ever a mysterious noise at Sunny Side, you can catch her begging others to call the cops and sprinting out the bag door to her car to drive to her home in Westerville. Do not EVER get in the car with her, especially at night, for she is mostly blind and probably shouldn’t have passed her driver’s test. You will probably not find her in her room, since she only has ¼ of she and Connie’s bedroom.

Anna Smales
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You got: Lauren Bays

WARNING: you may not be happy with this result because this housemate is a Xichigan fan. Lauren Bays is a Sophomore at Ohio State (exactly). Her very comfortable bed is shared between herself and her hundreds of Disney stuffed animals. Fun Fact: She took her senior pictures at Disneyworld. When she is not studying, you can catch her on Club Penguin. Beware: if you even sit on her bed, it will fall to the floor. Her stuffed animals are heavy. Nevertheless, she is truly Sunny Side’s sweetheart.

Lauren Bays
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You got: Connie Rice

NAILED IT! You got Connie. Connie Rice is a freshman at The Columbus State Community University. If you ever walk past Sunny Side, you will notice a collage made up of Justin Bieber, her crown and joy. If Connie walks in the house without a shopping bag, there must be something terribly wrong. Connie enjoys taking up 3/4ths of she and Anna’s bedroom with her queen size bed and if you are ever upset with something Connie does, her most likely response will be “pray about it” as she blasts Justin Bieber’s pop hit single “Baby” in the background. P.S. she has some BALLER dance moves.

Connie Rice
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You got: Shelby Meyerrose

Congratulations! You got Shelby. Shelby Meyerrose is a Sophomore at Ohio State University. If you ever wonder where she is located, you will most likely find her in our fuzzy navel colored kitchen cooking up a fresh batch of zoodles or some kind of purple soup that smells atrocious. She is currently working through her fear of the Physical Touch love language. If you ever hear a loud high pitched squeal, it is either Shelby excited or someone grazed Shelby's epidermis. If you were to move in to our house, you would wake up every hour of the day to Shelby’s louder than life alarm clock that she still sleeps through. Shelby is only half Shelby though. 50% of the time she’s just sleep walking.

Shelby Meyerrose
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