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Which GOAT Gal Are You?

Find out which gal you are from South Campus's greatest house of all time. Enjoy and let us know your results!

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  1. Basically Social Media
    Stay at home wife
    Sexy time
    Community Leadership
    Biochemical Engineering. Jk, Communications
  2. Ministry Organizer
    Being the Hulk
    Orthopedic PA
    Wheel of Fortune lady
    Be a rockstar
    Property Staff at a YL camp out west
    Cruise Ship Captain
  3. Easton
    Does Marysville count as a suburb?
    Suburbs are lame. City of Columbus for life
    Westerville (da ville duh)
    Da ville
  4. New Girl
    Who has time for TV
    Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    I don't really watch TV, but Stranger Things
    Grey's Anatomy
  5. Abraham Lincoln
    Ed Sheeran or anyone British
    The Hulk
    Kevin Heart
    Jesus. Luckily I'll see him someday :)
    The old Taylor Swift
    John Mulaney
  6. Nap
    Hang with the homies and eat
    Huntin' fishin' & lovin' every day
    Listen to Jordan Belfort
    What is "free time"?
    Jam out, yo
    Shop, shop, shop and shop
  7. McDonald's, duh.
    Tbell but only for the Pop Rocks Freeze
    Does Starbucks count?
  8. Chance The Rapper
    Idk, depends on the day
    Travis Scott or Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Capitol Hill Mural Artist
    Cardi B
  9. 1st floor toilet
    Front porch
    Green couch
    My bed
    8 person sectional... in the basement
    Couch by the window
    Grace's bed
  10. You know ;)
    Dave Franco
    A preppy mans/hockey player/country star
    Tony from Dirty Mart
    That one YL College leader with the short-shorts
    Your dad
    Lil daddy
  11. Metro Greg
    Goat cheese
    LeBron James
  12. Probably
    No, He's still workin' on me
    Heck yeah
    I'm the GOAT chef in the house

Which GOAT Gal Are You?

You got: Emily (esch a sketch) Eschliman

Congrats, you're Emily Eschliman! Being the only Buckeye in the house, you can often be found in your bedroom doing homework while the rest of the house is being unproductive or should I say, whipping around 8th Ave honking the horn and yelling out the window. However, you can often be found drivin' around hay fields in good ole Marysville, home of Fairbanks High School. You are currently learning how to communicate strategically and will probably be a famous social media rep someday! Congrats Em Esch!

Emily (esch a sketch) Eschliman
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You got: Anna Smales

Congratulations, you are Anna Smales! In your free time, you can often be found googling dogs for sale, driving around looking at houses, or watching videos that nobody else thinks are funny. Your hobbies include playing guitar, being competitive in any situation (especially board games), and asking people to drive you to Taco Bell bc that's all you can afford. You constantly lose things and go into panic attacks texting in the group message asking where your keys or debit card are. You love telling stories but sometimes it takes you 20 minutes bc you lose your train of thought and have terrible ADD. You loveee da ville (Westerville) and are always down for late night hangs (especially if they include driving to da ville). Ps there's nothing you hate more than pickles. Congrats Anna!

Anna Smales
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You got: Micaela (Mickgnarly) Howell

Congratulations, you are Micaela! Ayyyyye mickGNARLY. Growin' up in ye' ole small town a' Beaverceeek, Ohio, you probably spend most of your days pullin the corn and milkin the utters. Sike, you a party animal- whippin around in your Honda CR-V you get all the boyzzzzz but that's probably bc you pull of the Kylie Jenner look like no other. You are signed up for 14 different babysitting websites and can be found babysitting a 13 year old boy most days out of the week. If you are nowhere to be found, you're probably with Zachary Greenawald and Nick Thompson.

Micaela (Mickgnarly) Howell
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You got: Macy Jaros

Congrats, you're Macy Jaros! You win the award for "most DTH" GOAT member. As soon as you come home from being a classy receptionist at Hair Artists, you can often be found line dancing, going to abandoned hotels, or just at the Pig Pen. You always have a story to tell and when you laugh really hard you squeal. You admire every last minute of sleep you can get and will personally suffocate anybody who wakes you up 5 minutes before you absolutely need to be awake. You got insaaaane dance moves and know most of the words to every rap song. You love being crazy during the day, but you will never fail to come home and cook up a bag of popcorn and sit on the couch to catch up on the latest Netflix series you're watching. Truly, the best of both worlds. Congrats Macy!

Macy Jaros
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You got: Megan (Meg Lil) Lilly

Congrats, you're Megan Lily! Being the biggest prepster of the house, you can often be found working so that you can afford the newest Vineyard Vines pullover. You spend most of your time listening to country music while eating buffalo chicken dip and googling CBJ players that could potentially be an A1 hubby. Whatever you do, do not throw up or speak of it in her presence or she will most likely leave the building and never come back. Congrats Meg Lil!!!!

Megan (Meg Lil) Lilly
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You got: Grace English

Congratulations, you are Grace! Just like Grace, you are the mom of the house. In your free time, you enjoy looking up recipes and cooking a mean homemade dinner. You have a huge heart for serving others and will make a great wifey someday. You are also the house ├╝ber. Little do you know, Grace has an alter ego, Trudy. Trudy is the life of the party, but don't you dare ask for her to come out. She's shy and only comes out on special occasions. Congrats girlyyyyyy!

Grace English
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You got: Connie (Condrick Lamar) Rice

Congratulations, you are Connie Rice! Just like Connie, you are a little can of mischief and fun. Always looking for an opportunity to pull hair, pinch cheeks (both cheeks), and corn dog people, you are someone people have to be on the lookout for at all times! Your contagious laugh can probably be heard from Southeast Asia, but your singing voice is really what makes you the star of the show! In your free time, you can often be seen hanging out the back seat window of a car screaming the lyrics to Jordan Belford and you have a 99.9 % guarantee that your spouse will be the bread winner. Congratulations, Connie-o!!!!

Connie (Condrick Lamar) Rice
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