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How We're Feeling About Sherlock Right Now

He's coming back, right?

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This is us, right now.

It's been forever since the last Sherlock episode, and that means that there is officially nothing good on.

Unfortunately, yes.

And we're pretending that we're not dying inside...

...just keep smiling. No one will notice.

Some people are distracted by Doctor Who's return. We're not.

Give us 221B Baker Street over a TARDIS any day.

It's like someone has taken our favourite toy.

And they won't give it back.

Darnit, Moffat and Gattis. HURRY UP.

So we try to focus on other things. Boring things.

And it doesn't work.

All we do is comfort eat anyway.

Some friends join us, some...don't really understand.

But Sherlock. But Sherlock.

Because we know that Sherlock understands our pain.

After all, Sherlock depends on us.


That would be me then.

We often try to guess when he'll be back.

Think, think, think.

Or is it a clever ruse? Will Sherlock be back on our screens tomorrow?!?


And we're usually wrong anyway.

And we're still not really sure how he survived that fall...

Oh, thanks Sherlock!


And so we dream of Sherlock.

Because one day...

...he'll be back.

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