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37 Very Surprised Animals

Because BOO.

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1. What...what are you doing there?

2. He said what?

3. We've run out of food?!?

4. What the hell is that doing there?

5. Eva Mendes...and Ryan Gosling?!?

6. And you didn't know?

7. How long have I been here?

8. Get off my lawn!

9. I feel so betrayed...

10. Snape and Lily?


12. No Game of Thrones for a year?

13. Never. Again.

14. What...what is this - ARGHHH!

15. You did not?

16. Ah, the food chain...

17. What sorcery is this?

18. Danger, DANGER!

19. The Queen has how many corgis?

20. We're going to the vet?

21. I just gotta see her reaction...

22. What WHAT WHAT is that?

23. New Harry Potter story???

24. I'll just casually crawl under here and ARRGHHH!

25. I'll prod this like my human does...

26. Whaddya mean, 'global warming'?

27. Catnapping, CATNAPPING!

28. Why have you put me in this PRISON?

29. You think I'm too fat?


31. I didn't think I was paying the bill!

32. I don't think we can be friends...

33. The ol' distraction technique...

34. Who is that devilishly handsome chap?

35. Ah, the cat's natural enemy: the banana skin.

36. David and Goliath...

37. How are there so many of these?

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