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    29 Photos Of A Young Prince Philip

    He was actually rather gorgeous, wasn't he?

    We know Prince Philip as a rather old man.

    1. Like, really young.

    2. Because Philip was...kinda hot.

    3. Like, really hot.

    4. Look at him work 'pensive'.

    5. And clearly, we weren't the only ones to think so.

    6. After a royal education, Elizabeth knew a good thing when she saw it.

    7. It's not hard to see why Elizabeth fell in love with him.

    8. Philip also came with the added bonus of a uniform.

    9. Which meant that Elizabeth got to waltz with a man in uniform.


    11. And so, they got married.



    14. Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth now had a rather wonderful life ahead of them.

    15. Like become Queen.

    16. Mighty fine.

    17. Things generally progressed, as they do...


    19. But they still had time to be a couple.

    20. Prince Philip always supported his wife.

    21. Call me Philip!

    22. With charm like that, who wouldn't be?


    24. Prince Philip had time for his own pursuits - cricket was one of them.

    25. And he always looked out for the missus.

    26. Always.

    27. Even right at the very beginning.

    28. Prince Philip has always been the fun royal.

    29. Here's to you, Prince Philip.