Which Drinkwater Are You?

Are you more like Matthew, or more like John?

  1. When the room gets dirty, do you put in effort to clean it or just leave it be?
    1. Clean it!
    2. I don’t give A F
    3. Suggest to clean it, but not do it
  2. Would you rather dish it, swish it, or dunk it?
    1. Dish it
    2. Swish it
    1. Dunk it
  3. Pick one of your dogs
    1. Beesly
    2. Butterscotch
  4. On a bumpin' Saturday night, you'd rather...
    1. Stay in because Clobb is staying in
    2. Stay in because Matt and Clobb are staying in
  5. What's on your perfect burger?
    1. Cheese, Ketchup, and Pickles
    2. Cheese and Ketchup
    3. The Works
  6. Pick a Color
    1. Red
    2. Green
    3. Blue
  7. Pick a show stopper
    1. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
    2. Easy to Be Hard
    3. Tomorrow
  8. What Tarantino movie would you rather die in?
    1. Inglorious Bastards
    2. Reservoir Dogs
    3. what?
  9. What hand are you?
    1. Pocket Queens
    2. Straight
    3. Flush
  10. Which Hamster are you?
    1. Lucky Day
    2. Taz (rip)
    3. Stew
  11. Which alternative Mexican dwarf are you?
    1. Via Caliente
    2. Via Loko
    3. Via Burrito
  12. What cat from CATS are you?
    1. Jennyanydots
    2. Mistoffelees
    3. Rumpleteazer
  13. What WCT faculty member are you?
    1. Rusty
    2. Michele
    3. Theresa

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