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What's It's (really) Like Going To A Different City With Your Friends

The very real struggles of visiting an unfamiliar city.

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So you've decided to hit up a nearby city with your friends / Via tumblr

You love where you live but everyone needs to get a little wanderlust out of them, and that new art exhibit just opened up, and there's no good Thai food where you live.

You've figured out transportation, funds, dates and the like

And you've assembled your crew...

There's the person you've elected to lead the team

And the power is already going to their head.

The Artist

"There's this really great gallery opening on the other side of town."

The person who thinks the ghetto sounds fun

Via Rockstar Games

Because they really don't think it's that dangerous.

The map guy

"It's okay everyone, I studied Geography in college."

The foodie


"There's a great restaurant on the opposite side of town of that gallery opening."

And that one guy who went this city a few times when he was a kid

And thusly thinks he knows how to get around inside and out.

First, you miss the train connection you needed to make

Probably because you were too busy telling ghetto guy that the ghetto is in fact dangerous.

After a few shady deals, some squeezing and hiding from ticket takers you make it to your destintation

Everyone's already forgotten the plan of stuff to do you thought of last night

The guy who's been here a few times as a kid suggests taking a walk to think

"This city is such a great place to walk around this time of year."

As you're beginning to enjoy the park you remember you wanted to go to that museum

So now it's time to use your navigational skills.

You immediately get lost

Everyone refuses to use Map Guy's maps and think they know better / Via The Social Network

"I went here all the time when I was a kid, I think I know where I'm going."

You try Public Transport

The leader suggests asking a local for directions

You decide to stop for coffee to regroup

You eventually find that museum you wanted to go to

And you all feel extremely cultured.

You realize you've wasted the whole day and it's time to get back to the train station

Great work everybody.

You get lost again

And still no one will consult map guy

It starts to get dark and you've wandered somewhere sketchy

Ghetto guy is oddly very excited about this.

Map Guy jumps in and gets everyone to the station with ease

On the train home everyone decides this was fun and you should do it again sometime

You and Map Guy know better

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