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What It's Like To Own A Dog Explained By Cats

The true struggles of being a dog owner explained by our feline friends.

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Owning one of God's most majestic creatures as a household pet sure is rewarding

Like being woken up at 6 in the morning by your dog

Only to find that all he wanted was to stand outside and bark at a bird for two minutes

You sit down for some breakfast

You try to get some work done

You try to make a quick phone call

You realize you've forgotten to feed your dog and break out the food

You try to get back to work...


Your dog brings you a toy like it wants to play but refuses to give you the toy

You get back from the store only to find someone's pooped on the floor

You try to discipline them but they won't stop licking you

Making dinner you drop a piece of chicken

Later you drop a piece of lettuce

You get into bed


You try to pet the animal sharing the bed with you

And yet the rest of the night...

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