The 14 People You Meet In Orientation

Orientation is a strange and exciting time in your college career. It’s the beginning the best four years of your life so don’t be discouraged that it starts with the most awkward five or six days you’ll ever experience.

1. The guy with an impressive record

And boy does he want you to know it.

2. The guy who’s just happy to be here

You recognize him from the facebook group (which he was on like bread on a sandwich). In fact, he probably friend requested you before you ever even met him.

3. The high school besties

These two have been friends since high school, maybe longer. Good luck befriending either of them through that impenetrable wall.

4. The creep

He’s just wants to be your friend…

5. The guy whose only goal is to get SMASHED

He’s on an endless hunt for the nearest party and he won’t stop until he’s the first person to be sent to the hospital during orientation.

6. The overtly horny

He won’t stop until he’s in your pants and he was clearly sleeping during the safe sex info session.

7. Friendly stoners

Maybe they’ll share with you!

8. Stoners who can get you “stuff”

No questions how or why, but he can hook you up.

9. The arrogant frat-boy-in-training

Snapbacks turned the wrong way round, probably overcompensating.

10. The guy who can’t handle living on his own

Leaving the nest did this person no favors. Smells like dirty laundry, freshman fifteen and homesickness.

11. Contemplative hipsters/philosophy majors

They’ll rope you into a discussion about their favorite Nietzche quote and proceed to tell you you’re wrong… about everything.

12. The “I’m Here on Scholarship”

He likes to drop hints about how he’s better than you because he’s “here on scholarship”.

13. The person you’ll stop talking to three days into the semester

You really thought you’d found the one…

14. Your best friend

The person who’s going to be your friend a very long time. And they’ll make orientation worth it.

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