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The 10 Chillest Animals You Didn't Know About

The coolest, freshest, most happenin' animals on the planet you didn't know but should. These animals are probably the closest thing the Animal Kingdom has to Beyonce.

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1. Maned Wolf

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This majestic thing is found in the grasslands of South America. It is believed it's wicked sexy long legs were adapted for hunting in the tall grass. Despite being perhaps the sexiest wolf of all it is classified as a Vulnerable Species by the Brazilian Government.

2. Tufted Deer


This vampire-like critter hails from Central China where its tufted hair, fang bearing brethren are roaming alone and declining in number. These little guys are related to Munjac's another species of deer estimated to be the oldest species of deer in the world.

3. Patagonian Mara


This charmingly pensive fellow is a member of the rodent family despite bearing similar features to a rabbit. They're found exclusively in Argentina (specifically, you guessed it, Patagonia). They are known to be (adorably) monogamous creatures, keeping the same sexual partner until death.

4. Gerenuk


This long necked animal is a species of antelope found in the Great Lakes region of Africa. It's name comes from the somali word for "giraffe-necked". Despite the long necks Gerenuk's are actually known to stand up on their hind-legs to feed and are also not known to drink water (getting all the water they need from plants).

5. Zebra Duiker


This adorable creature is another species of antelope found in Liberia, the Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone. These guys are nocturnal, solitary creatures who only form bonds for mating purposes. Though not much is known about this nightlife loners, they are considered to be vulnerable by the IUCN.



This old-mannish deep sea fish found off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand is often regarded as the world's ugliest fish. It's blobby appearance is an evolutionary trait to make the fish only slightly denser than the water allowing it to float just above the sea floor without expending a lot of energy on swimming. Supposedly, they also look radically different underwater but it's hard to get a good picture that deep underwater.

7. Red-Lipped Batfish

Via National Geographic

Perhaps the fiercest animal on this list, this fish is found off the coast of the Galapagos Islands. One of the worst swimmers in the ocean the red-lipped batfish struts its stuff on legs across the ocean floor. The origin of the angry Mom lipstick is unknown.

8. Saiga Antelope


This amazingly un-photoshopped antelope is found in Russia in very large herds. The large nose is a heating mechanism, heating up frigid winter air before it enters the animal's lungs. This hilariously adorable animal is critically endangered, having one of the fastest population drops by any mammal in recent history.

9. Narwhal


This internet-famous toothed whale is probably thought by many an internet user to be another one of those "don't believe everything you read on the internet" things. However, this fabulous creature can be found year round in the Arctic. Like most whales they are known to be extremely intelligent communicating with other whales with clicks, whistles, and knocks. They are known for their incredible ability to dive, sometimes up to 800 m, some of the largest recorded depths for a mammal. Though their population is a solid 75,000 the number could go down if current hunting trends continue.

10. Atretochoana (Penis Snake)

This notably phalic water snake is a grand mystery to scientists (and not just in it's almost picture perfect resemblance to a human sex organ). Before 2011 (when 6 were discovered in Brazil) there were only two known specimens in existence. It is does not have lungs, pulminorary arteries, and its skull evidences muscles not found in any other organism on Earth. Hilariously, it is a burrowing creature.

Via World Wildlife Organization

If you wish to help these fabulous animals keep doing their thing all over the word visit or (International Union for Conservation of Nature) for more details how you can help endangered species!

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