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7 Adorable Things Your Dog Does Explained By Science

Some of your dogs most adorable features actually boil down to biology and evolution. Learn the truth about your canine friend's cutest habits.

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2. The Head Tilt


By the time they’re mature some of the most intelligent breeds of dogs can learn up to 250 words of human language, the intellectual equivalent of a 2 year old child. So when your dog tilted its head while you confessed your secrets too it, it might have been because it understood what you were saying.

3. Excited ears!


We all agree that a dog’s ears are the cutest part of any dogs. That might be because there’s over a dozen muscles working to move them around. This is why dogs appear to be so expressive with their ears.

7. Peeing with one leg up


It’s a common fact that dogs pee to mark their territory, and equally common that male dogs pee with one leg up and often on lamp-posts or fire hydrants. Male dogs actually do this so that their urine will be higher up and so that they will seem larger and therefore more intimidating to other dogs. In fact, in Africa wild dogs can be seen attempt to urinate while running up tree trunks to seem extremely tall.

-Source: "How Dogs Think: Understanding the Canine Mind" by Stanley Coren

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